CDM Engineering

Interactive Control System
and Remote Plant Management

Since long, CDM/OMP aftersales service is supported by a supervision system intended for an ongoing control on operating lines – a cutting-edge web-based remote system providing direct control and management of line parameters and cycle steps via internet, i.e. fully free. CDM/OMP offers its customers its free remote assistance service.

Line start-up and material change are extremely simplified. Via the supervision option, process parameters and temperatures are automatically set and recalled from system stored recipes, specifically customized on process material features.

CDM/OMP extrusion lines are complete with innovative top-notch PLC, with touch screen aimed at keeping production steady and self-regulating, even when remote assistance and supervision systems are not provided.

Automation and power saving are top priorities to CDM/OMP – machinery and line design undergoes ongoing updating and improving processes. CDM/OMP have been among pioneers in variable frequency drives and blade motors employ. Variable frequency drives allow for electric power savings while blade motors ensure top yield and power consumption adjustment to production needs. The VFD / blade motor combination offers top yield efficiency ratings besides optimizing the product weight / kW consumption ratio.